sad/not sad/whatever/rant

March 21, 2011

First: apologies for the complete-text-no-comic update.

Moving to tumblr.  No real reason why, except i am hoping people are more responsive.  Also, i suspect the two people who are “subscribed” to my blog are spambots, or do not exist anymore, which is really discouraging if you think about it.

Also-also, please never read “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” it is stupid.  I had to read it for class, but would rather have saved my brain the trouble.  Bridget is pitifully obsessed with her weight, painfully self-depricating, and completely whiny about her boy-troubles and singleness.  Now.  Do not get me wrong.  I have had several of my own whiny episodes about being single, and I could see how i might empathise with Bridget, but.  She is written in such a way that I do not connect with her at all.  It’s like we are on the same page number, but in different books.  I was able to finish the book over the past three days, which is speedy for me, but I still feel like I have lost valuable time.  Ugh. Anyway.  Enough.

Right! So. I imagine you would like a link to my tumblr. Do you like how I tricked you into reading my little rant, by putting the link down here? I’m so sneaky… Well, anyway, here!

Thank you, wordpress, I really enjoyed my time here.  I might be back, especially if I don’t like tumblr.  Who knows.  And, my three dear readers, I hope to see you soon on tumblr.



Pretend update

February 5, 2011

(c)OAC hobo's copyright

Don’t ever caller her “Misses,” or “Miss.” Keep it in the middle: “Mizz,” cause that’s the safest bet…

I hope you enjoy this silly drawing. I enjoyed drawing it.

I’ve been really busy with school and don’t foresee myself ever NOT being busy with school. Hopefully I can continue to work on comics though… cause it’s relatively stress-relieving to do so…

Happy Sunday (for 41 more minutes)


January 23, 2011

hobo(c)2011 Olivia A Carter

Well hello there.  I made it!  Sort of. The first week of school is not exactly the best time to resolve to be more punctual with comic updates, but alas, this is the timing of things, and here we are, at the end of the first week…

So, for some reason, whenever I meet someone who is colourblind, I automatically think they are regular-blind, too.  (I know, it doesn’t really make sense.)  Eventually, I either forget that they’re colourblind, or remember that “colourblind” and “blind” are two different things, and I cease to think they’re blind.  However. One guy I met this past semester, in addition to being colourblind, has a vision condition where he has to wear dark sunglasses.  Throughout the entire semester I found myself continually thinking that he was blind.  And sometimes, when I see him now, I still think that he is — though, I never actually did the “stand in front of him to see if he can see me” test… But I thought I’d make a comic about it, because I think it’s funny, and I think I’m funny. And maybe now I’ll actually remember that he’s not blind

Anywho… I have lots of homework…. so I’m going to go do that. Hopefully I’ll see you folks again sometime next week. Happy Sunday.


Some people are stalkers…

January 13, 2011

and some stalkers are less creepy than others…


hobo copyright 2010 Olivia A Carter

Alright. So.  Missed an update this Sunday, blah blah blah.  Apologies to you, my two or three readers: too much did I enjoy my Christmas break, too much did I relish empty time.  But here I am, and  I believe late is better than never? Perhaps…

Anyhow.  This comic might seem particularly strange, but I assure you it is completely normal.  It is actually a spoof/tribute to Kate Beaton and her comic: Hark! A Vagrant! (

This is the particular strip that I had in mind when I wrote and drew this.

(c) 2006-2010 Kate Beaton!! not me!

I would like to remind everyone that just because I have not recently written a “Some People…” comic does NOT mean that I would not be opposed to writing one.  It only means that I have not thought of anything, and I have not received any submissions.  So I encourage you to submit a phrase! Anything!

Um… anywho.  I guess I’m done now!  I’ll see you Sunday. Or a few days after. Ha….


it’s been a while, take II!

January 2, 2011

Ok.  One sentence, and one sentence only, dedicated to how much I really suck at this blogging thing, and that’s it!  Oh… yeah, so that was it.

Right. Anyhow… I try to avoid making resolutions to bring in the year, but this year I’m coming as dangerously close to making one as I’ve ever come, and the only reason it’s being so near to me and my resolutionless life is because my guilty thoughts about my blog happened to coincide with the New Year.  And that’s IT.  That’s the only reason. Anyway. I digress.

Despite my difficulty with pressing some simple buttons to use the scanner, I’m going to look past this unfortunate handicap and try harder.  More frequent updates are in store, you brave residents of 2011!

…Well…. Perhaps.

Also, in 2010, I made an important discovery: a moustache-emoticon! Observe…


OK, so a lame emoticon isn’t really a decent replacement of my comic.  Oh well! Better luck working the scanner NEXT time… just kidding.

I’ve actually got a treat for you, dear, dear readers.  Since I missed Christmas, and every single one of your birthdays (I KNOW: what sort of person am I?), I’ve included several pages from the pocket journal that I began keeping during my recent shenanigans in Oakland.  I cannot guarantee laughter, or joy, or that “creepy, Christmas feeling,” or anything of any sort of enjoyment.  BUT I can guarantee that– well, actually I can’t guarantee anything.  You might’ve even stopped reading a few sentences ago.  You might just skim this and casually glance at the comics I’m about to post.  Ah well, good thing I didn’t ACTUALLY get you a birthday present.

These all scanned funny.  So I put them in a sepia tone to make them look slightly normal. I’m not one of those cool people that actually has one’o those sepia pens… Anywho, these are just some odd observations and such from my daily life.

update~ i can’t figure out how to make some of these pictures not squishy. but i’m getting ADD from wordpress, and i’m too lazy, AND i’m starting to get that “i don’t know anything about the internet, what am i doing here?!” feeling. So there ya go. you can click ’em if ya wanna see an un-squishy version. i’m going to go drink my white mocha and read some Bronte to wind down.

update dos~~ fig’r’d it out. non-squishy pictures. but you can still clicky them if ya can’t read ’em.

this is how it actually appears on the page in the journal, hence why it's sideways. Also, i am lazy.


on the left, i wasn't feeling too great that day. on the right, my friend Marcel wasn't feeling too great that day.


A Sufjan reference! And a strange poem about the first day of December!


i believe the time at which i drew this was 5:40 AM. i was a little intimidated at the time, being the one young girl among the three of us, so i thought i'd do a drawing where i was the most intimidating person there. (if you couldn't guess, i was the 3rd person, and the presence of someone being known, and yet not seen is an intimidating thing!) (i'm not sure this sentence makes as much sense as i thought it would.... hmmm...)


Neutral Milk Hotel on the left! ❤ Pretentious Chimbley Sweep on the right! :-{


Just some daily observations.... on the left. on the right, a quote from my teacher, and a man sleeping on the bart who woke up in time for his stop. He must've been a seasoned pro.


on the left, a great sticker from my favourite cafe near school! also, another Sufjan reference on the right. plus, a side note to myself to look up "Three Fish Studios." Still gotta do that...


I don't know. i feel as if these are self-explanatory. Also: LAZINESS. laziness.


on the right: oh, there i go, falling in love with random people again. AT LEAST he wasn't a hobo this time.


left: part 2 of my poor feet. right: Sunday Sunday Sunday Bible study study study. Good thing God doesn't mind my gross, dirty self... cause that's what He got for Christmas from me...


Left: i think it might be a bit unhealthy just how much i'm still distraught over this loss. Right: Hahaha! Just some speculation, there... don't worry. But dude, talk about an "It's Complicated" on Facebook.....


PHEW. If you read/perused all of this… thank you.  Now go give your eyes a break!  Hope everyone’s Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) was lovely, and your New Year was, and continues to be, joyous.  See you next week…. or WILL i?!?!?




postscript~ Julian Smith, in a roundabout way, helped to get the ball rolling on this update: whenever I see happily-productive internet-bloggy-type folk, they always have a way of guilt-tripping me (in a good way), and since all I did this evening (besides eat) was watch several of his videos, I give many thanks to him and his excellent vlog!  Go go go!  Pay him a visit:

it’s been a while

October 16, 2010

Apologies once again, dear readers… my life has been one crazy existence.  As many of you probably know, I’ve moved to Oakland, CA to attend California College of the Arts.  Adjusting to a new city and school has been challenging, and I haven’t had much time for anything outside of schoolwork and school-related things… Anyway. Reading about me is hardly the reason you came here. Without further ado, here’s a comic.

hobo copyright: olivia A carter

The events in this comic happened in real life, to me, a couple years ago.  It was sort of unpleasant as I slowly realised that my coworker was serious and not being sarcastic.  Now, in retrospect, I think it’s hilarious that she actually thinks that a girl will be single if she doesn’t look a certain way.  Hilarious, and heart-breaking.  If a person only likes you because of your looks, then what depth or meaning is there in your relationship?  I know she was trying to be helpful, but it was just… mildly disturbing: she was probably brought up to think that way, or perhaps, was influenced by the media to think that way, and never told otherwise.  And now she’ll probably let the same thing happen to her daughter…

Oh golly, this is just getting more and more depressing.  Sorry, folks.  How’s that for a first-comic-after-an-unintentional-hiatus!

I’m going to stop before I make you even more sad.  It’s good to be back.  I hope to post more, but we’ll just see…. we will just see…



it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream!

August 24, 2010

hobo copyright: olivia a carter

Since it’s so warm right now, I haven’t been wearing my hat as often… but for some reason I decided that my comic identity should always wear said hat.  I guess the weather doesn’t affect “comic Olivia” as much.

Well… if you’re really curious, the reason given in the comic is the actual truth behind why I’m frequently seen wearing my yellow hat.  And the reporter’s observation is also accurate: despite my little reminder, I’m still pretty great at stressing out…

Uh. I guess that’s it. I’ve been really busy trying to find an apartment in Oakland, as well as preparing for a goodbye art show/party, cleaning up after a goodbye art show/party, doing nothing, watching Gilmore Girls, and general procrastinating…. hence the sparse updates. Also, my life isn’t as interesting as I’d hoped, so I don’t have much material to work with.  That, and I never seem to remember to write down my witticisms.

K, bye.



August 7, 2010

There is something i’ve always found mysterious, intriguing, and somewhat romantic about trains.  They’re different from cars and busses.  On passenger trains you have the freedom to talk to the people you’d normally be passing by, wordlessly, on the highway.

On freight trains, however, there’s much more danger and excitement.  If the police don’t catch you, the tracks and wheels might.  And yet there’s something inherently “American” about the concept.  What child hasn’t wanted, or tried, to walk away from home, their belongings tied to the end of a stick, and climb aboard an empty boxcar?

Over my 21 years of existence i’ve met one such person who, as far as i know, travels via train-hopping consistently.  Whenever i see him i think, in naive wonder, “wow!! i want to be just like him someday!”

One day, not too long ago, i was at the local community college, waiting for my mom to pick me up after a morning filled with Algebra.  As i was sitting behind the theatre i could hear the distant cry of a train’s horn. The freight train passed by, just on the other side of the parking lot, and a light breeze blew over me. And in that moment i could feel my heart jump into an empty boxcar, carried away without worry, and nothing ahead of me but the tracks that sew up America….

The following comic is a small result of that jump.

hobo's copyright: olivia a. carter

This post was long, so i’ll keep my comments on the comic itself short. As i’m sure you noticed,  i’m experimenting with frame layout here… i’m not sure if it’s hard to follow… Of course it makes sense to me: i DREW it.  What are your thoughts, dear readers?

Hope this week has been tolerable, at the least.  i’m trying desperately to keep up with weekly updates on no particular day. Just thought you’d like to know…

love, olivia

Postscript~ sorry for the weird layout of the site… i’m still trying to figure out some things on WordPress. Doesn’t help my computer’s a bit slow…

Double Double

July 27, 2010

poor-man's copyright: olivia A carter 2010

Ok, so… here’s a comic! Actually, here’s two! Just for fun, I decided to post these together. I’ve made you folks wait long enough for a consistent update, you deserve it! …Although… now you might get all spoiled… ah well.  Such is life.

Anyway. They don’t really go together, except for the fact that they both involve me and my incredible verbosity.  The first one was actually going to be the start of a longer comic, but i got caught up in colouring… as you can see… and then i just gave up, on account of there being no brown pencil (it was quite discouraging at the time).  Instead, i decided to write a really long author’s note that isn’t even that funny.

The second one really happened (not word for word, mind you).  Like, it happened in real life and then i decided to draw it about two minutes later. Sometimes when i’m around people that i really really like (and it doesn’t have to be like like, it can be regular like, too) i can NOT control my mouth.  i’ll feel this overwhelming pressure to tell them everything, even if they’re late, or needing to leave, and i can’t stop. Words just tumble out left and right, and while i’m talking, i KNOW i need to stop, but i keep going because i think it’s a good idea, and that they’ll somehow like me more if i keep going.  But no.  It’s more probable they will like me less. So, instead of trying to fix this problem, i made a one panel comic about it. Naturally…

Alright folks! It’s bedtime for me. Hope you enjoy… see ya next time!


Laziness Prevails

July 22, 2010

poor-man's copyright: O.A.C 2010

Ok, sooooooo. Hello again, my three faithful readers.  New comic! New Idea! But I think I’ll hold onto the original “Some People” idea, and do one occasionally.  So long as you keep reading, and suggest something, and force your friends, family, and loved ones to read and suggest as well… a comic can only truly exist if there are people to enjoy it!

Anyway.  I hope you enjoy this first one.  I MIGHT update at some point in the future. Maybe. You’ll have to tune in again to find out!! (I’m trying reverse psychology on myself, and a cliff-hanger as a marketing ploy on you, my dear readers… I hope it works…)

See you at some point.