OK, first off: read the entry below this!! My posts are getting too frequent for anyone to read them x_x

   Second: It’s interesting how ones day can go from “pretty groovy, could be even more rad”, to “I hate…uh……. STUFF!!!!!!!”. for those of you who don’t speak my language, it goes from nice day, to crappy day, and I even get to the point where I’m so upset about something I don’t even know why I’m mad.

   So this guy who is barely aware of my existence is getting married. He’s my neighbour, and I’ve pretty much had a crush on him for the past five years, when he and his mum and dad moved in. “Oh gee, I wonder why they call them crushes.”…..

   Yup. So, that’s what’s made my day go down hill and sunshiny. I know I have no right to be angry, no right to be depressed, because we never really knew each other, but it still hurts, to a degree. I’ve spent so much of my imagination on a faery tale that will never be, and it’s almost– no, is embarrassing that I could like this guy so much even though I don’t know anything about him.

   I’ve noticed, that happens to me a lot.

   However, the minor incision on my heart is being sewed up as I type this…. Like Gandalf said to Aragorn; hat wound will never fully heal? Such is the way with me…. But Il be doing better soon enough.

   We can always be happy all the freaking time. No, that would worsen my condition.

   Interesting book I read last night. Along the same lines as The Fire-Eaters, but by a woman, and more fantasy-like. I was left with the same unfinished feeling. I also felt a little lost; like there were still things to be tied off at the end, but a sequel would not work, because all that was needed was an extra page or two.

   I thought this song rather fitting… Enjoy…. I have yet to see the live production…. I am considering begging my parents to let me go to Arizona, just for that….

The Phantom is inside your mind,

Phantom of the Opera

In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me
And speaks my name
And do I dream again?
For now I find
The phantom of the opera is there,
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you
Grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me
to glance behind
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside your mind

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear

It’s me they hear

My/Your spirit and my/your voice
In one combined
The phantom of the opera is there
inside my/your mind

Is that the phantom of the opera?
Beware the phantom of the opera

In all your fantasies you always knew
That man and mystery

Were both in you

And in this labyrinth
Where night is blind
The Phantom of the opera is here/there

Inside my mind

Sing, my Angel of Music!

He’s there,
the Phantom of the Opera . . .

6 Responses to “”

  1. not_scene_chick Says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed your show on friday…
    you have a wonderful gift and so much more potential…
    may God continue to bless you in all that you do!!!
    there’s some optimism for you…

  2. VeiledStarlight Says:

    heeey! Thanks for the props! We’ll see how it goes with the book. I need to figure out how to start it first, and I’ll post the first chapter for you guys to read. May you go with God’s protection!

  3. CaliGurlie Says:

    i’m not going to be at church either… cuz i’m babysitting… so yeah i’ll see you friday! =) ttyl

  4. arun3 Says:

    crushes suck.

  5. i_luv_penguins15 Says:

    yes….. I played DDR, I gave up my standards… lol. I was really bad and they taped me doing it.

  6. not_scene_chick Says:

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