I apologise for this post…..

    Ok, that was the weirdest thing ever…. 15 comments? ….I guess I insulted someone’s intelligence? … Whatever… Cool, I guess…..

    Ugh…. I am extremely twitchy right now…. My hands shake by themselves, and I feel like I’m going to burst everywhere at once, or that I could run everywhere at the same time– but my knees are going weak, and my neck feels like limp spaghetti.




    ….Wow wow wow….. Yeah, ok….. You feeling alright? Great, feel alright for me too, will ya? Thanks.

    Radiohead’s site had a bit of an update… It’s still as weird as ever. My sister’s birthday is tomorrow. It’s gonna rock your socks off.. Or your Birkenstocks, if you’re a hippie.

    Dude, sorry I’m random…………….. I should NOT have had that coffee today.

    I KNOW WHY I’M LIKE THIS……………….. coffee, combined with a painkiller that has caffeine in it. NEVER do that!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I did it for a second time! You’d think I learn the first time…

    Oh…… Shoot me…. I can’t take this…. Calm down… God, calm me down… Just b r e a t h e ……………………………

    And now. A poem… I apologise, again, for the lines above. I’m in a terrible mood and should not write journal entries when I’m like this…

Fly, you fools! FLY!
  -Just Olivia

They are after me.
All my suspicions have been confirmed.
I am bugged.
They are watching me.
My father is talking to Them on the telephone, not knowing who it is.
He’s telling Them everything.
Get out while you can.
It may be too late already.
Get out.
Don’t stay to help me.
Get out now.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Vermin23 Says:

    drugs are bad, mmkayhey, guess what? when your on caffeine and so alert such as that, there’s a nifty trick– falling asleep while awake. as hard as it might seem, meditate the best you can and try to sleep, and you just might fall into a day dream/nap. but still be awake. but… blah blah blah blah

  2. sarahgrin Says:

    Yeah, man.. I know what was in your head… and the best thing to do is to not write freaky poetry like you did.

  3. arun3 Says:


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