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    Whew… What a violent pop-up ad: “SHOOT The BUNNY…!” …Well, I’m still alive… How ’bout that. Painted with watercolours today. The painting turned out much better then I thought it might. I’ll scan it sometime, along with my other recent concoctions.

    Watched the new Peter Pan film with my mummy and dad. I’d seen it already, but they hadn’t, so we rented it. I forgot how good it was, despite what things they added and took out.

    I think I have allergies. Or that I’m sick, once more. Either way, I’m greatly annoyed, for two reason, too, so that makes me doubly annoyed. Reason numero one: I am 15, soon to be 16, so you think by NOW I’d know if something was up allergy-wise! Sixthly and lastly: my nose is runny– However! It is only my right nostril. *growls in annoyance*

    Anywho.. I’ve been writing and rewriting and all that. I think I’m sick enough of the story for it to be done… But I should still write some more, and add stuff, or take out stuff… I’m almost ready to burn my story and jump on the ashes, after of course, cutting it into tiny bits with a knife… No, I’m not angry… Not at all…

    So, I haven’t really written any poetry… So I leave you with a quote from the book I am reading. It’s a lot easier to read than I thought it would be. But then, Jacob did say that it wasn’t really one of Vonnegut’s best works, so that could be why! Hehehe..

Eat some Cheetos with Chopsticks,

    “The late Harold Epstein said that the first thing he did after he got to Heaven, after picking a flower he’d never seen before, was to thank God for the priceless gift of garden insanity.”
-From God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian, by Kurt Vonnegut

5 Responses to “”

  1. arun3 Says:

    all his books are fairly easy to read. this one is more meandering and less of a story than his other books.

  2. sarahgrin Says:

    ….And to conclude, Liv, I love the story you’re working on.  Every time I read “The Gentleman” it gets a little bit better, a little bit richer; you lend it more meaning with each revision, making it more and more real, and that is a beautiful thing.
      But regarding your comment… no, that’s not how I feel about gen ed at all.  Actually, I like most of what I have to take {Med/mod for example}.  What drives me mad is that I don’t have enough time to learn that and everything I want to know musically.  The secret is being able to tie in the helpfulness of everything into what you really like doing.  Even math has a place in art.  A place: singular.  Just like technique has a place, and letting art run free has a place.  There is no absolute to apply to everything.  ‘Cept Jesus.

  3. Ethan_Emissary Says:

    The new Peter Pan film, meaning Finding Neverland? Or the other one? ‘Cause I REALLY wanna see Finding Neverland. Like, a lot. But all that aside…Argh for the oh-so frusterating revision process. I think if chewing on glass would somehow magically make it all done, than I would. On old, yucky glass. But hey, it’s part of the scibe buisness.Hmm… I may just have to trying eating cheetos with chopsticks…

  4. ohhowmuchilovemakingnewnames Says:

    NO! I think math has NO place in art whatsoever! Math is so full of rules and numbers and if’s and then’s, math is so logical and predictable, but art is so free and creative, math is so full of paths, layed out for you by the cold facts and formulas, and all you can do is to choose one to get you to the result, in art, you MAKE your very own path, Math is like a maze, as vast as it can be, but you can’t help running into walls time and time again, art is like a blank sheet of paper. Math brings you satisfaction (even though I never found any) through FINDING that correct way to solve that problem, art brings you satisfaction through creating something that’s never been before!
    If you put Math on top of Mount Everest and Art on the sunny beaches of Grand Cayman, I’d say that’s as close as they would ever become…

    ..oh well, but could you give me your ruler and your calculator so I can figure out the perspective issue on this painting I’m working on, it’s going to be a masterpiece, I tell ya!
    -That B-H Boy who’s a P-T for pillows

  5. rwrpolo Says:

    peterpan always good… i love those storys… um.. its still a hummerous book, i enjoyed it even if it isnt “it wasn’t really one of Vonnegut’s best works” it was enjoyable… whats your story about? if you dont mind me asking…

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