Long story short: I want to make a black and white mobster-like film, but four things seem to stop me, just a little bit:

    1. I have no script,

    2. I have no experience with a filming camera thing (I don’t even know what to call it),

    3. I have no crew, or (more specifically) anyone to collaborate with,

    4. I have no money, and this is no small film I’m planning, even though the cast is under 20 people (that with extras and foils included).

    …That said: anyone want to help? Anyone that has cameras that want to shoot this for me (preferably for..*cough*free*cough*)? Anyone want to give me money? Anyone? *voice echoes* ….. *feels small*……Please?

    Really… I want to do this…

    My sister’s going to be gone next week: ALL week. I am crushed, as I am every year when she goes to Mexico on a mission trip… I going to sit at home and mope, eating tubs of ice cream and watching sad films, or soap operas.

    AND THEN OLIVIA GOES TO SCOTLAND. That is so weird. I freakin out. Why, not sure. But I gone in three weeks and I not packed, and… It just soooooo bizarre……..

Kay, I shouldn’t be here. Got a curfew of 10 O Clock pm…..

I really did mean for this to be short, but I like to talk….

4 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would be happy to give you money, and I have a friend who loves to film. But it all depends on where you live…

  2. rwrpolo Says:

    hey i would work on your flim.. sadly enough i have alot of experince… well we should make a mob movie 1st!…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mobster movies are fun!
    I’d love to help out with the script…..so yeah.
    Anyway, hello!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm.. a mob movie… Can I be a villian in the movie..  ^_^  I would make a good villian.  Alas I have no coinage to spare but I have a camcorder and plenty of friends that would love nothing more than to run around shooting things. 

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