Tomorrow at this exact time I shall be sitting on a plane, on my way to Scotland.


    It a sort of mission trip, for the worship team at my church. I don know quite what wel be doing there; no one does. So I have to try and not have expectations, which is hard… I know wel play worship at least once..

    Now, I not normally on the team, but my mum and sister are, and my dad the sound man, so I playing extra percussion (i.e. triangle, shakers, finger cymbals, etc..), so I can go… and suffer along with them. Hah, no, it should be alright…

    And then, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly gets to go to London for three days after. I extremely excited about this, as London has been a long sought after destination of mine… Amazing: three cities that Ie almost always wanted to go to, and here I am, shipping off. It still hasn hit me that I going to England, and yet, I leave tomorrow…

    Twelve hours on a plane. I think I may die of claustrophobia… At least I can bring books.

    Well, I shall miss you. Not all of you, but some of you. Those of you that Il miss, I think you know who you are, and if you don, I shall inform you when I return.

    I can put it off no longer…Goodbye, cruel world! I go to meet my fate! Adieu.

With all respect due,
  -Persnickety Lemon
                   (Olivia Carter)

Travel weary

Come back, come back,
come back to me
return from over the sea

It been so long,
since we were together
but it too clich?to say orever?BR>
I can stop my thoughts
they keep turning to you
wondering where you are and with who

I miss you very much
for you alone I pine
oh, how I wish you were mine

Come back, come back,
come back to me.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Crabbattle Says:

    GoodbyeSo long…Adieu…See ya around, space cowgirl…

  2. Ethan_Emissary Says:

    I may have been scarce, but it wasn’t because I get to go across the ocean.
    ::mimics:: Lucky…
    Scotland is in my top 5 places to go before I die. To say that I am jealous would be an understatement.
    Say… I don’t suppose that you’d mind lugging a 165 lbs. trunk with you, do you? You know, you can send it in with baggage or whatever, heck, you could even send UPS, but… umm…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You are so very lucky. Scotland is beautiful.
    Hope you have fun : )

  4. arun3 Says:

    back for a week, i think we have missed each other all in scotland in me in extremely hot fresno. i must remedy the me being in fresno bit; hope you have an awesome time!

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