All I can think to say is “Well, I’m back.”

    But I already said that…

    So yeah…

    This is a song Stuart taught me in Scotland. It goes like this:

    All the ducks are swimming on the water. Fa la la la la la, fa la la la la la. All the ducks are swimming on the water. Fa la la la la la, fa la la la la la… (etc, etc…)

    It’s a very good drinking song. Oh, that’s another thing… I was going to drink some of my friend’s pint, but he never went to get one… I’m such a terrible pirate… *sigh* at least I’m not the only one in History to go Scotland and not drink.

    Um… and I want to go back. Most people leave their hearts in San Francisco, but I left mine on the island of England.

    Fa la la la la la…

    This next instalment to my poetry/song collection is one that I’ve toyed with several times, and there are many versions of it. And still, I am somehow always dissatisfied…


See ya, space cowboys (and cowgirls),

Cowboy Song (or The Ballade of ________ ) Version 1.something

I went down to Mexico
to find the girl I once had
So I went where all the cowboys go
I went to Tijuana

Once upon a night so sweet
I found my angel, on the street
She was looking at the moon
and humming a sad, sad tune

She said she loved me
and I thought it was right
but she disappeared some time ago
she’s gone missing into the night

Once upon a time
I lost the girl that I loved
So I looked down in Mexico
because that’s where all the cowboys go.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Uh, I was under the impression that England wasn’t a continent (XP *lol jk*)
    I’m glad you had a good time. Don’t worry, you have plenty of other chances to be a good pirate.
    Wishing I was there,

  2. EthanByUntitled Says:

    Man. You went all the way to Scotland, second only to Ireland in the amount of alcohol consumed per person, and didn’t even drink ANY???I was under the impression that emigration did not let you leave unless you looked hammered.Thinking of the Bebop that has to go with a space cowboy,-Ethan

  3. EthanByUntitled Says:

    P.S. You’re back; does that mean Sarah is too, or what?

  4. captivatingmind Says:

    Hi. I’m Lily. Max told me that you wanted to meet me. *salutes*
    Ahoy hoy my new friend.
    A toast to happy friendships and long life!

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