Well, howdy.

    I am just sitting here… My mum is practising a piano piece with a friend… I’m listening to Airplane To Nowhere… and… yeah… it’s all just rockin… and I’m now reading four books simultaneously. Yes!

    I want to go to Target and Mervyns and the Library and Michaels. That’s my shopping place list!

    I am very euphoric and proud of myself right now… All that poetry that was left unwritten and un-conceived for these past few months has now drained out of me into an epic (kinda) poem and I feel better for it!  No longer am I a blocked canal in Venice.  (I do not know where that came from, but I think it’s a nice image..)

    I hope you enjoy it. I wrote it listening to ATN. Those boys are my heroes. ….Almost.

  -Oh, livia

No Words Can Describe

Swell and burst, I can hold on
it only ever what happens to me
my muse won come
it feels as though he dead

inspiration hangs uselessly in the corners of my mind
like cobwebs in an old woman house
and it gotten me nowhere
like broken wings on a tainted dragonfly

somewhere you are alive
and I can bear the thought of your happiness
ambient shadows call me
and make me turn from goodness
like I wasn brought up the way I should have been
like they know me better than myself

I am tired of this mess that wee made
too bad it in the past and there no way for me to fix it
I keep waiting for your letter
it must have gotten lost in the rain
oh no, it is not an ever fixed mark
I look on tempests and find no words there
in the swirl that resembles my consciousness

my heart cries out over memories of you
I thought I was long since over this
but Someone knows it can become more of a weakness
and they have pushed it like a chip of black stiletto
deeper into my soul, deeper into my mind
and it poisoned me more than I ever thought it would
I do not know if I will ever fully heal
and be like I was before

I have plummeted further in this pit than I knew possible
and I am cold as the dark rushes past, pounding me like the sea
I see no escape, but how can I when my eyes are closed in fear of what Ie become?
And yet, and yet
I feel a light somewhere, from someone,
not all hope has been lost,
I fall into the arms of someone who loves me more than I ever imagined
and I drift into a quiet sleep while enveloped in my saviour arms
safe, but not yet convinced.

4 Responses to “”

  1. Crabbattle Says:

    -clap clap clap-I am not a fan of free-verse poetry… no offense. I prefer the rhyme scheme. It gives it an uplifting feel to it! Even if it is a dark topic.I am taking a poetry class now, and I can read between the lines! WOOT!! Plus, knowing your mind partially, I can get a gist of what this is about.Love the poem, and I wish I could read 4 books simultaneously WHILE writing one…*jealous*Max

  2. not_scene_chick Says:

    that would totally be fine…i would be flattered, actually…

  3. EthanByUntitled Says:

    Wow….That was a long, and incredibly descriptive, entrancing bit of poetry. Dual eprops, to be sure.Hmm. I’m only doing three books at once at the moment. *feels the need to go get another one*Really? You think my poem didn’t really sound like me? I find that simultaneously interesting and curious. Admittedly, that was written originally as song lyrics, but I dunno.Knives and Maces,-Ethan

  4. polkadotprincess Says:

    and I drift into a quiet sleep while enveloped in my saviour armssafe, but not yet convinced. <– the story of my life. You nailed it again. Brava.

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