Over the past few days I’ve had the urge to watch Invader Zim. The problem? I don’t own it, nor do I have the means to rent them.

    Anywho.. I have a Jamba Juice, and it’s tasty. My sister gets back from Ventura today, and with her comes Annaliisa, my favourite coffee addict. I really can’t wait to give her the Christmas present that has been waiting for her to unwrap it since mid-December.

    The weather is so great today, and I got a letter in the mail today from a friend at deviantART that holds a picture that he drew. It’s so awesome. I’m so happy. I’m gonna go take a walk. Today is a good day.

    Ahh… I love Death Cab For Cutie. Such a great band…

    Robots in dog costumes are awesome!

    Right, so my stream of consciousness is a bit…. hyper.

    I’d like to write more… but you know. It takes a while, for that flow of genius. I should just write and write and write, even if something is crap, but I don’t like that. If I’m going to put time, energy, and even my soul into my writing, it should be something I like…. but I dunno, maybe that’s just me being silly again.

    Because, you know, I am silly.

    Right, so, speaking of crap, here are two new poems. I doubt that either of them will be as much of a smash hit as the untitled one from last time…. but whatever. Read them, laugh at them, enjoy them, whatever.

I think it’s time we blow this thing. Get everybody, and the stuff, together. Three, two one, let’s jam!

The Ballade of Jullian Allen

Just walk away from your broken heart
if you can, forget what you were in that time of youth
it wasn you in the springtime
you didn hold his hand in the field of blooming weeds
this is the end of your lover dream
but he never belonged to you.

A stream of oblivion, thin as the light
filtering through that crack in your heart
you don know what you feel and it maddens you
like footsteps of a funeral march in your own mind
youe holding on with one hand and slipping further still
it wasn you in the summer heat.

It been a while since you were in this city
you ignore the stranger stares as you stumble past
wandering the streets of something you used to know
but now it as unfamiliar as your heart
now you are only a little girl, lost in the supermarket,
standing by the listless vegetables
and it wasn you in the autumn leaves.

You no longer recognise your reflection
and youe frightened by the person you unknowingly became
you try to make an excuse, saying t wasn me, it wasn me?BR>but the truth is, the ugly truth is
that it was you in falling snow that ruined your heart
and you can pass the blame any longer.

The Times

Let me sit in my corner
don tell me what the headline says today
leave me to listen to my music
and let me try to be happy again
I not interested in the sorrows of the world
I can scarcely bear hearing my own tragedies
leave the newspaper on the table
I want to listen to the indie sounds that
help me to escape this excuse of a planet
go away with your big words and stupid rhymes
and my by myself
don tell me what the headline says.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes! It is the same edition methinks (the huge black one with gold gilt lettering on the outside)
    I like Kings of Convenience, but don’t listen to them too often-the real Kings… fanatics are my friends Oliver (SpecialYouth) and Tim (timreid100), so I’ve been subjected to much Kings stuff by them.
    Invader Zim? Never developed a taste for that show-I am more of a Cartoon Network man since Nickelodeon started their decline (I want Ren & Stimpy and the olllllllld All That back!)
    ‘The Times” would be cool set to music, if its structure would allow… And I think the ‘e’ added to the end of Ballad is very clever-lovely, though very sad, poem.

  2. Capnmaff Says:

    I own the complete box set of the series so if you want to borrow them give me a call and i’ll have them at Bible Study on Monday for you to Borrow
    Missed you last night

  3. SpecialYouth Says:

    Like the music you’ve got here, Kings of Convenience are great, have you got Riot on an Empty Street?Noticed the black cat in your pic, whats it’s name?

  4. sarahgrin Says:

    ::sends hugs to favouritest sister so she can save them for later and retrieve them whenever she needs them::

  5. SpecialYouth Says:

    Uh..well i’d like to say i made the background but I actually got the background from http://www.pixelgirlpresents.com, check it out some time.

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