~I am also reading Gardens Of The Moon by Steven Erikson… quite interesting.

    Today is one of those days that I so inspired that I have no idea what to write, paint, or draw. Have you ever felt like this? It is so frustrating because you want to draw, you know you have to, and it has to be amazing, and it will be hailed genius (at least by you) but you are absolutely lost as to what to do and anything you try to draw is crap because you can envision what it is you have to draw, except that it has to be really great.


    I wonder how many artists die without ever becoming widely known, even with the help of the Van Gough System (which is: you die, then suddenly everyone loves you and your art is preserved as long as humanly plausible, because it is rilliant?….

    Today is a grey and restless day. Sometimes I wonder if the weather is somehow connected to me, because I am also grey and restless. Though, if that were the case, we have a storm on our hands… A pouring, angry, fidgety storm….

    On the brighter side, I bought three albums last evening with a gift card at The Warehouse. I am really excited about them. The albums are: Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie, You Make Me Hate Music by Fine China, and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure. YAY!!!!!!! I can wait till they come. Of course, I have to. But oh well. They are coming soon.

    And also, I have not really gotten back to school. I am home schooled and my mum also teaches piano, so it’s hard for both of us to get into the swing of things. While this is pleasant, it also is trying on my school endurance (in other words: harder for me to not get annoyed with school). So it’s a win-kinda lose situation…

    So… No poetry…. Or anything…. Just me wondering stuff. I pretty proud of that first paragraph, no matter how run-on it sounds, because is tells exactly what I am feeling.

    And that’s all there is, there isn’t anymore.

Hold my hand, I nervous,

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  1. sarahgrin Says:

      “I’ve always made whatever kind of candy I feel like except now I feel terrible and so the candy’s terrible! … You’re really good.”

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