I’ve decided a few things…

    and it feels good.

    First thing~ I am starting Tae Kwon Do as soon as I return to the country.

    Second~ I am indeed going to learn how […static…]. But I’m not telling anyone in Fresno… because it works that way. (So, if you’re in Fresno, mum’s the word!)

    Third, and this is the biggest of all~  *drum roll*…Interpol is my favourite band. You read that correctly: FAVOURITE BAND. Olivia, indecisive music nerd extraordinaire, has picked one (ONE!!) favourite band. I absolutely love them.

    Interpol are my number one, but every one else is an extremely close second (you must understand it is a very small space between first and second, almost nonexistent). 

    Isn’t it amazing I actually picked? We’re all shocked, I’m sure, but Olivia is probably the most shocked. (Third person, yes.)  I feel so elated! Some one come over and we’ll dance in the cool night air! And I have Oreos…. this night is so great.

    Life may suck, but I seem to be enjoying perks almost every day. Huzzah!

    And I get to visit my sister in nine days! I so happy. I love my sister. I love England. I love my passport. I even love my suitcase, and packing it. But I hate flying; it such a hassle. I don have a phobia, I just really do not like it. However, this may have something to do with flying coach and not business, or first, class. Oh well… some day… And anyway, I get to see SARAH! Yesssssssssssss.

    Hey. This is one of the best Strong Bad e-mails ever. http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail141.html

    I wrote for about an hour straight last night and came up with seven pages of prose. It feels good to write again. I wish I would keep it up, even when it hard. That something for me to work on…

    Enjoy the poem, I guess. Or not! That would be exciting if I got hit with cyber-rotten-eggs for once. Well, maybe: it depends on what they have to say. But this entry poem is quite the piece of crap, so sling away, dear friends, sling your rotten tomatoes and eggs towards me.

“Deli-style, (jugga, jigga, wugga),”

Crapola, Capeesh*? …A Forced Poem

I would have given a lot to you
I shudder when I think of your eyes
those daggers of sharp light and crystal
you gave them an edge

darling, you seemed more like the orphan type
with your suits and guns-
only orphans cover their past with crime
funny, but youe no convict

You don need to pretend I doing any good
I packed my bags while you slept
tiptoeing around the house
climbing out my window
I left you on a Thursday.

*I have no idea how to spell that correctly… And, for once, Google was not too helpful.

8 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dig the new music…
    So exciting that you’re going overseas. 😉 I ❤ flying.
    And your poem isn’t crap…I mean, its not your absolute best, but it’s not crap.

  2. sarahgrin Says:

      Wow, I didn’t realise it was so few.  That gives me extra incentive to do work and get ahead.  Or catch up.  I’m wondering if I’m behind by this point.
      And in light of that, I’m going to sign off right now!  Can’t wait to see you, my favourite sister. ^_^

  3. Anonymous Says:

    *throws rose*
    ’tis a beautiful poem =]

  4. djeikyb Says:

    I thought the word you were trying to spell is “capisce”. But since you likely read or heard it in the context of italian organised crime, the word you were looking for is “coppish”, which is italian-usamerican slang.(http://www.word-detective.com/042601.html)

  5. Taliesin_stephen Says:

    I always thought it was some slang for keesh.. as in the egg like food that always tastes good.  But then again, this is me…

  6. sarahgrin Says:

    Yeah, and that’s actually spelled “quiche,” believe it or not, dear Stephen.

  7. Taliesin_stephen Says:

    I believe it to the utmost

  8. Anonymous Says:

    yo ho …ho….havent been on in two years and a half…arrg…techno pirates…

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