~Brothers On A Hotel Bed

    So, yesterday, I started Tae Kwon Do. I’m really sore, because we have to do sit-ups and push-ups… the push-ups are the worst, because we do two sets of ten: one set on our knuckles, the other on our palms. But it was pretty cool. And one of my instructors has Robert Smith hair. (He is the singer for The Cure, for all of you are out of the know.)

    Oh, and, apparently, I have nice legs for kicking.

    That was one of the strangest compliments I’ve ever received. It wasn’t creepy though, because the woman instructor said it, and it wasn’t random because it was in context to Tae Kwon Do, where kicking is important… but it was strange all the same.

    Not much else is going on with me… I’m quite boring, I know. But Ie written a poem for you to read… thoughts are welcome. In other words: TELL ME what you think.

    Off for a ramble or two.


Asher, vacant

He been taken by surprise
when he passes the hallway mirror
and sees someone he does not recognise
glancing in his direction for a single moment
before he steps in the half lit day of November
swept off with the wind of the sea
towards the day he wishes he could remember
and at the last moment,
he does not fall off the cliff of recognition
but instead is halted at half-past-three
and the people oing places?give him looks of derision
then continue with their conference calls
and he won realise what happening to him
no, he missed the phone call the afternoon before
so he doesn know the situation ink or swim?BR>in his boat that is drowning slowly
and he doesn know wee in this together.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm…my friend also started Tae-Kwon-Do yesterday…strange, these irrelevant coincidences. Anyway, that’s koo you did.
    I dug the poem.

  2. not_scene_chick Says:

    i like the poem…
    go check out dissonance theory’s myspace and click on the song ‘of tabloids and grocery stores’
    i think you will be pleasantly surprised…

  3. Ptchadick Says:

    He…hehehe….Robert Smith hair…
    I wish I had Robert Smith hair…

  4. not_scene_chick Says:

    you’re welcome and thank you! 🙂
    it was good to see you tonight!

  5. djeikyb Says:

    I like the sound and feel of the first half of your poem, but I don’t understand how the beginning of the poem relates to the end. I feel like I’m missing information vital to understanding.

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