~The Scientist

    Two posts in such close proximity of each other?

    It crazy, I know.

    But I think I’ve finished the poem…. Thoughts are wanted, so give them up! (This means YOU.)

    I am very tired, but I am really enjoying Tae Kwon Do… I just wish that it was longer… or something like that. I found out that we are testing in June. We. That means Il be testing for my yellow belt! Yes, it only the second rank (or first, depending on your view), but I excited anyway….

    I love the people that I know, because they are such lovely people…

The district sleeps alone tonight,


When you look at me
I am like a fly
in a Venus Flytrap
I can not stop
falling in
again and again
and all the while
you slowly devour
my heart
like the plant does the insect.

I persist to be caught in your gaze,
and I consciously throw myself
into the deeps wells
of your eyes
and while I am wrapped
in my masochism
are innocent
like the snowfall:
unknowing of the flower it beheads.


5 Responses to “”

  1. sarahgrin Says:

    Nice progression and improvement. Isn’t it fun to revise stuff? I should be working on my essay right now but I’m not. =P Okay, okay, as soon as I’m off this I will.When in June are you testing? Will I get to watch?I know what you mean about lovely people… I’m staying with some lovely people. And before that, a lovely person came to visit me in London.Love, love, love,Sarah

  2. DarkendGenesis Says:

    Do I know you?

  3. DarkendGenesis Says:

    Oh yes, That is what I was thinking but I did not see your screenname and so I was somewhat confused. ^_^How are you?As for Jennifer… I don’t really feel bad right now. I am just living my life and hopefully sometime in the future she will try to get in contact of me again.–Kyle

  4. djeikyb Says:

    So I shouldn’t love you?Titles are odd things. Writers are encouraged to title their pieces. Why? So that people can call it something? I don’t think so; people will name things as they will. Even though titles do function as names, they are primarily content because the author wrote it. A good writer will choose a title that interacts with the body of his or her work. Hierarchically, post>title,body .I understand what you meant (I think), though.Speaking of titles, I didn’t like this poem until I looked up the definition of your title. I blame it on not liking most poetry. Snarky and detached, I understand. Not so much with lovestruckness. As a rule for my interpreting poetry: to hell with author’s intent– it’ll be read subjectively anyways.-jake

  5. quietmaverick Says:

    Hey Olivia, I LOVE the poem. I didn’t know you were in Tae Kwon Do … that’s cool !! N-e-who, in case you’re wondering who this is it’s Julie from women’s chorale. Take Care & see ya Tuesday !! ~ J 

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