Oh, instincts are misleading: you shouldn’t think what you’re feeling. They don’t tell you what you know you should want…

     Ah, such is life.

     I saw film version of The Producers and enjoyed it immensely. An acquaintance whom I have not seen since last year at this time was there to watch it with Chris and I. It was lovely to see him again, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed his company.

     And now it’s summer. I’ve decided that I like swimming again. Really like it. Most of you don’t know, but I was on a hiatus from swimming, for about seven years, and I broke it last Saturday. I also broke my streak of not wearing shorts for six years. It was an eventful weekend, to say the least…

     Ahh, what I really want is to talk with a friend over coffee at some little caf? Just talking: about anything, about nothing, just not about people we know and current situations. That would be really nice. 

     There are things I would like to say, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of explaining them. I want you to know instinctively; just to know what is going on all ready. Then I could be upset and you’d know why without us having to exchange words. That would be really nice.



It was something
so simple,
watching you write,
but it was captivating:
your hand
slightly covering
the masterpiece paragraph
that you composed
in only a few minutes,
your cheekbone
curving away
from me in concentration.
You glanced at me
as if to ask
if I was reading
over your arched shoulders
but I shook my head:
I could only watch,
too distracted to notice
anything except
your beautiful hair.

5 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yay for shorts and swimming!

    Excuse the irrelevance and utter insipidness of that comment; my mind is blank

  2. Taliesin_stephen Says:

    That is a simple and satisfying piece of poetry.

  3. Taliesin_stephen Says:

    who were you thinking about?

  4. sarahgrin Says:

      Oh, I am so pleased that you went swimming and you wore shorts.  I don’t know if I could do that, Liv.  You are going out and saving China and all that stuff.  Wow.  That’s amazing.  You’re amazing.
      I agree with Stephen ~ what a simple and lovely piece of poetry.  I love to look at people’s hands, to watch them write.  I would love to watch Jonathan write… he is so beautiful.  I get to see him on Monday, by the way!  He called me today! -^___^-
      And I really like that last paragraph about instincts.  That’s brilliant.  Oh that we could just work out all of our problems without communication.  Right. =P
    I love you and I get to see you in like 3 days!Sarah

  5. sarahgrin Says:

    And I didn’t tell you… your first comment on my latest entry is so lovely, Liv.  Thank you.
    I’ll be home in like 48 hours!

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