For What Reason?

       I’m mad, all of a sudden. And there is no apparent reason why. Perhaps it is because my father unintentionally kicked me out of the living room (where I was working on art show stuff) by just assuming he could watch the game on television. Yes, that’s probably it. And also being reminded that I was forgot about. But that’s just me holding a small grudge. [Update: Don’t you just feel bad when you’re holding a grudge and then all of a sudden, they apologise and you know they mean it? Oh well. It’s all better now.]

       I’m excited, and nauseous, and impatient, and nervouse. All together at the same time.You’d think, that after having done three previous art show I wouldn’t be freaked out, but I am.

       At last, a poem. Sorry I’ve been so inconsistent. This poem…. well, I think it’s kinda cheesy. What do you think?

Without a doubt,
 -Olivia Carter


If I say something dumb,
and my words tumble around;
if I ask you to slow down,
and if I stall for time in the car;
if I can’t get my words right,
or if they don’t make sense;
if I seem quiet, or different,
in the car ride home,

it’s because I like you.
                  I like you.
                  I like you.
                  I like you.

4 Responses to “For What Reason?”

  1. KoiKid Says:

    I like you!and your non-cheesy poem.

  2. sarahgrin Says:

    Yeah, I’ve felt that way about Dad sometimes, too.  He can’t tell when I’m facebooking or when I’m Syrinxing.  Did he always used to like to watch sports or is it a new development?  Hmmm… but it does always work itself out.  Let’s not hold grudges.
    I like your poem.  I can just picture you saying it, or thinking it, and feeling very small as you do.  Small and cute.
    I like you.  Your art show is going to rock tonight. =]

  3. EthanByUntitled Says:

    It is only a matter of time before the Art Show people are all, “Ye gods, Olivia is putting her art in our show? HOW WILL WE DEAL WITH THE CROWDS?!”
    And you’ll be all, “You’ll figure it out.”
    Only a matter of time.
    I like you to the fourth power. That’s serious stuff.
    And a very cool poem.

  4. petrified_pengy Says:

    weeeeeeeeee…. the poem is neat!  🙂

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