Je n’ai plus un radis

          I’m broke. I no longer have a radish. 

          I’m in a mood: I became more attatched to Manhattan than I intended; my sister is off to Washington (state); I have to find a job. 

          Manhattan is self-explanitory. My sister, however, is not as easily understood. See, when I returned from Manhattan on Friday, she was preparing for her trip that started on Sunday. Saturday was our only time together, but she was packing and had some other things to do, and I was zonked, so all in all I spent less than four hours with her. And, of course, this is also the second year in a row that she will be gone on my birthday. It may not bother you if your siblings (if you have any) are present or not on such occasions, but… my train of thought stopped a few full-stops ago…

          Let’s talk about employment. Since I’m pretty much finished with school a few weeks before everyone else, I have this “great advantage” of applying before “everyone else.” Apparently.  But where to apply? So far, there is the arts and crafts store, the sushi bar, the bakery, and the Italian catering. 

          The sushi bar is a great oppurtunity, seeing as how if I go and say that I’m the girl that’s quitting’s sister’s friend, I am pretty much hired. But I’m not sure if I want to be a waitress… (side note: at the Italian catering place I’d be a busser, not a waitress.) Ultimately, I think the big problem is that I’d like to deal with as few people as possible. Not good if I want a job, yeah. Really, though, my ideal job is “mail sorter.” Yes, I’m serious. Some sort of… organisation / alphabetising job. I think it would be wonderful.

          Hmph. My thoughts are not pouring out like endless rain into a paper cup.

          The evening cannot come fast enough for me…

Never mind.

5 Responses to “Je n’ai plus un radis”

  1. djeikyb Says:

    So apply at the post office.Rufus Wainwright does a good cover of that song.

  2. EthanByUntitled Says:

    I like your profile picture. It is good to see a picture of you smiling.
    Start as a waitress- end up as a master chef, preparing blowfish and the like. Yeesssss…
    I would brag to all of my friends that I know someone who is a mad-awesome sushi chef.
    To be a mail sorter you have to join a union, I’m pretty sure, and THAT’S a hassle. People are hard to deal with, but that’s life. Hard. And with stupid people.

  3. EthanByUntitled Says:

    Jiu-jitsu does have belt tests, but they are infrequent and far between. There are fewer belt rankings in jiu-jitsu, I believe. But we do have stripes added to our belts by our teacher as our skill and knowledge progresses. Currently I possess one stripe. For Jeet Kune Do, though, there is a regular belt ranking system, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, I believe. And for that my first belt test is coming up in a couple weeks.I’m really not very nervous about it. I know the stuff inside out. All I ever train with are guys five and six belts above me anyway, so I know I’m ready.Be confident! Confidence is key.

  4. Taliesin_stephen Says:

    I’d go for the Sushi job…  Sushi is good business — plus, you need to face your fears some time… why not with Sushi? Throw yourself into it, and if you are like my mom and hate the bussle and the pressure, then get out.  … Sushi.. mmm.. Sushi..

  5. EliRiello Says:

    You could look into working at a school district, a JC or university mail room.  Since you’re serious about it.  =D  And there are other jobs in restaurants besides bussing and waiting tables–like prepping food, washing dishes.
    You’re young.  Try things on for size.
    I’ll be praying you find something just right for this season of your life.———————————-I’ve been meaning to ask if you had ever moved your studio outside onto the deck like we talked about?
    Lovia, Livia!

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