I want to write.  I want to make some books and sell them.  A friEnd gave me this neat book-making book for Christmas last year, and I FINALLY got around to reading some of it and making 2 little notebooks… hurray.

I really want to see “The Fall.”  It looks like my kind of film… especially since they used my most favourite Beethoven symphony (7th symphony, 2nd movement) in the preview… but alas, I must wait until it comes out on video, because I MISSED it in theatres. Lameness.

I finished House Of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski… it was ok.  I liked all the typhographic layouts and such, but I was a little disappointed with the actual content… I guess I like answers too much, which would explain my complete and utter depression over The End (the final book in A Series of Unfortunate Events) by the rather infamous author Lemony Snicket.  Alas, such is life.  Answers are never given until they are quite irrelevent and “after the fact.”

It is very possible, I have just realised, that my auditory, and literary, narccissisim may be what keeps me writing.  To be quite honest, I love hearing myself talk, and “hearing” (reading) my Voice (literary term for author’s/narrator’s voice in writing) as I write.  If this statement is true, then it means that I think what I have to say is so important that people will just absolutely love reading my ramblings because I love reading them.  Of course… why does anyone say anything, then, but to hear themselves talk and profess their self-proclaimed important opions.

Ugh! That was a teribble pseudo-intellectual-philosphycal tangent.  (Also, I don’t know why I spelled philosphycal wrong, but for some reason it was subconciously intentional.)

Let us speak of happier things.

I have an art show coming up in July.  But this Monday my friends and I are throwing a fund-raiser art show type deal.  Admission is by donation only, so if you only have pocket change, or don’t feel like helping Nick get back from England, you have no worries.  I’ll post the flyer at the end, so you can get all the info.  (because I just know everyone is going to come, because SO many people on Xanga read my journal.)

Ive been sick for the last… 3 days.  Wednesday I had a fever of 101.7!  It came down to about 99.5 Thursday and Friday, but then today it went back up to 100.  Ick.  I don’t know why I’m sick, either… it’s really annoying, though.  Especially in 100+ weather. 

The whole thing has made me conclude that we really need a pool installed.

I guess that’s it folks…. I’m tired of typing, so you must, once again, be deprived of my wonderous insights on everything useless.


p.s. the book I’m reading now is pretty dang good….

art show

2 Responses to “Etcetera”

  1. EliRiello Says:

    OH, I didn’t know you were sick.  {x{x{x{x”O”x}x}x}x}
    When is your art show?  Please say it’s not the last week of July when N and I are going to Mexico, okay?

  2. EliRiello Says:

    Hey!  I can’t edit what I just wrote.  =(  So, I’ll just add this:
    Is that book on books the one I gave you?  At any rate, I want to see what you made!!
    And, more writing please.

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