Caution: people ahead

Submitted by: Olivia A Carter. Drawn by: Olivia A Carter

Sometimes you just can’t tell! I guess that’s what makes life exciting.

The skull-n-crossbones might be a little strong, but I wanted the warning lable to be clear (you know, ’cause words weren’t enough) and the first image that popped into my head was one of those antique poison bottles that’s really upfront about what it can do to you if you drink it.

(Also, I realised too late that I forgot to sign the corner. Oh well, maybe I’ll do that and upload it again later.)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. I look forward to what you folks have to say!

3 Responses to “Caution: people ahead”

  1. Elisa Musso Says:

    I like your idea. Very interactive!

    This first one is funny! The contrast of the halo and the skull-and-crossbones is great.

    Love you, O!


  2. Natalia Says:

    HAHAHHAHA wow i see a resemblance

  3. j Says:

    oh really do you? .cool

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